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 Cheap Portable Plasma Cutters For Sale:


81m-EwIzfIL._SL1500_Hobart AirForce 700i orange-best-review

The AirForce 700i happens to be an cost effective portable plasma cutter product for all those conductive precious metals. Inverter-based design and dependable technological innovation pack a lot of overall performance straight into a very mobile package deal. The AirForce 700i plasma cutting product is great for lightweight and weighty professional users. Automated operations are also well within its range. Learn More…



LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D –orange-top-rated-1

The ForceCut 40D is really a double voltage 110v/220v plasma cutter which happens to be competent at slicing 1/2” dense stainless steel at 40amps on 220v and 1/4″ on 110v. That has a 35% accountability routine, this machine is powerful which enables it to withstand prolonged cut circumstances. Making use of just about any air compressor that pumps out 45-65 psi, you will be able to remove all unique precious metals extremely fast, thoroughly clean, and proficiently! Learn More…



LTP6000 Lotosorange-top-rated-1

The LOTOS LTP6000 portable Plasma Cutter is a heavy-duty device, which has a duty routine of 60PCT at the highest level of output. The pilot arc function is extremely intended for continual slicing on rough surface types or dirty steel. The arc is up and running by high frequency which can be well known for producing more reputable, absolutely consistent, and cleanser slashes without the need to commit extra time on cleaning. It is an most suitable alternative for factory maintenance, manufacturing work, farm work, and automatic body improvements. Learn More…amazon-button

71a9G15NmeL._SL1024_LOTOS LTPDC2000D –orange-best2-review

The LOTOS LTPDC2000D is actually a very cheap plasma cutter, first to promote multipurpose welder that allows an individual to DC TIG/Stick weld and plasma reduce all from one portable machine. LTPDC2000D brings together 3 capabilities into a single which includes a 200amp DC TIG Welder, a 200amp Stick Welder, in addition to a 50amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter with the flip of a switch. It really is in a position to cut different types of metal anywhere up to 1/2″ together with the 50A pilot arc plasma cutting purpose. It is actually created specifically for corporations and DIY (do-it-yourself) consumers, whilst fully accommodating the demands of experienced operators. An suggested control pedal is available for purchase. Learn More…


71cvS3e3VgL._SL1500_4TH Generation Ramsond CUT orange-best-review

One of the finest selling portable plasma cutter on the market. Completely New IN Package. 4TH Generation Ramsond CUT 50DY, a 50 Amp, Double Voltage (110V and 220V), Dual Frequency (50 and 60 Hz), Inverter Modern technology, Substantial Frequency, Plasma Cutter. The CUT 50DY is considered the 4th generation of Ramsond selection of plasma cutters; having started out from the previous CUT50, CUT50D AND CUT50DX models. These days it is designed with Electronic AMP DISPLAY and Incorporated PRESSURE GAUGE perfectly found on the entrance section. It is actually even further up-graded with a entirely covered FOLDABLE HANDLE. It continues to make use of an UPGRADED GERMAN Manufactured COOLING Method. Learn More…


What is a plasma cutter?? Plasma cutters are a best’s percentage helps that metal shops can put resources into. A CNC plasma cutter can cut through metal up to five times quicker than lights, and its CNC capacity permits clients to connect any outline to the cutter’s PC and cut the configuration into or out of the sheet of metal being utilized. These machines allow slices to be rehashed throughout the day with no loss of rate, bringing about gigantic enhancements to proficiency and creation speed. Any shop can discover quality in these advantages, yet the thought of acquiring this gear still may not appear like a beyond any doubt thing without seeing exactly how this hardware functions. The following is a further clarification of how these machines offer their focal points.

What is a plasma cutter video:

Plasma Cutting:

Plasma cutting has been around for a considerable length of time and is esteemed for its convenience in making clean slices sheet metal. This innovation includes the utilization of gas that is electrically touched off and warmed to plasma, which is both fluid and gas, at up to 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The light’s spout thinks the plasma and guides it at the sheet metal, which can be up to two crawls thick. Amazingly, the plasma circular segment, which is under 1/16 crawl wide, is dominant to the point that it blows the liquid metal out the opposite side of the sheet it is cutting. The zone encompassing the circular segment is secured by latent gasses, which are additionally used to convey the slicing gas to the spout.

CNC Software:

The PC is the thing that makes a CNC plasma cutter so productive. The administrator of one of these cutters can without much of a stretch make or change any diagram with the utilization of PC helped plan programming and after that program the machine to cut the exact outline into metal more than once. In spite of the fact that these cutters are generally found in mechanical settings, for example, machine shops, they are progressively being utilized at home for house commercial ventures, for example, metal making. Craftsmen who make numerous duplicates of unique metal models can likewise profit by using CNC plasma cutters.

Since plasma cutters can create such extraordinarily hot temperatures, administrators who need to keep away from the likelihood of grave damage ought to dependably audit documentation and wear welding-suitable apparel before utilizing one of these machines. Plasma bars can likewise harm eyes that are left unprotected, so anyone in the region of a dynamic plasma cutter ought to continually wear welding security glasses with shade five lenses.

 How Plasma Cuts Through Metal:

The plasma cutting procedure, as utilized as a part of the cutting of electrically conductive metals, uses this electrically conductive gas to exchange vitality from an electrical force source through a plasma slicing light to the material being cut.

The fundamental plasma curve cutting framework comprises of a force supply, a circular segment beginning circuit and a light. These framework parts give the electrical vitality, ionization ability and procedure control that is important to create high caliber, profoundly beneficial cuts on a mixed bag of diverse materials.

The force supply is a steady current DC force source. The open circuit voltage is usually in the scope of 240 to 400 VDC. The yield current (amperage) of the force supply decides the rate and cut thickness ability of the framework. The principle capacity of the force supply is to give the right vitality to keep up the plasma circular segment after ionization.

The bend beginning circuit is a high recurrence generator circuit that delivers an AC voltage of 5,000 to 10,000 volts at around two megahertz. This voltage is utilized to make a high power curve inside the light to ionize the gas, along these lines creating the plasma.

The Torch serves as the holder for the consumable spout and anode and gives cooling (either gas or water) to these parts. The spout and cathode choke and keep up the plasma plane.

Plasma lights were once very costly. Hence, they were typically just found in expert welding shops and exceptionally all around supplied private carports and shops. In any case, current plasma lights are getting to be less expensive and now are inside of the value scope of numerous specialists. More seasoned units may be substantial, yet at the same time convenient, while some more up to date ones with inverter innovation weigh just a bit, yet break even with or surpass the limits of more seasoned ones.


The purpose of each individual investing in a plasma cutter machine would be to receive the ideal bang for your buck proposal which isn’t going to push an individual to question exactly how to work with a plasma cutter machine excessively. Good value, as pointed out previously, consists of a number of elements, and every one of such includes a distinct amount of relevance for every single consumer. Determined by these kinds of vitality inclines as well as someones many requirements, it’s possible to establish a selection through applicants on who most of us have accomplished throughout our plasma cutter machine evaluations, to be able to acquire a item in which is productive, expense productive and in addition secure. If the items aren’t easily obtainable in one’s location pertaining to unknown factors, all of us truly expect that our information offers plenty of details so that you can establish a sensible selection in this available market. No matter what, all of us expect just about every individual man or women wanting to take advantage of the variety benefits associated with this cutting device can easily acquire a machine in which increases her or his efficiency towards the utmost capability.


 Check Out These Best Small Plasma Cutters For sale!


Lotos LTP8000

lotos-lp8000-plasma-cutterThe Lotos LTP8000 is one of the top efficient and reliable plasma cutters on the market today. Manufactured by Lotos Technology which is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA, this plasma cutter is an affordable and portable plasma cutter for industries and non industrial consumers. The pilot arc feature in this plasma cutter enables it to continuously cut the rough surfaces and dirty metals. This top plasma cutter is modified in order to incorporate with the recent high frequency inverter technology with the use of V-MOSFETs. Moreover, it also incorporate with Pulse Width Modulation, which enables this system to deliver a stable, concentrated, and proper current for cutting surface. By using this system, you can have uniform cuts with a minimal heat input. After a brief introduction, let’s see some of the highlights of the user reviews.

User Reviews: 

The people who have used this plasma cutter are really satisfied with its performance, and they feel it provides the excellent value for the price they’ve paid for it. This plasma cutter is perfectly fit to cut thin metals as well as thick metals with the help of an air compressor. Some other customers feel that it’s a great machine to quickly wrap up your works. They say that it produces uniform and clean cuts.

Some of its consumers also tried this plasma cutting system on the old rusted systems and other fabricating parts, and they found it was very effective in doing its job. They also express their satisfaction on its torch, and said that the quality of torch is very good. The consumers had their orders very quickly after making a purchase. They recommend this product for having a quick, clean, and persistent cuts.


There are many great features of the Lotos LP8000 plasma cutter. The features provided in this plasma cutting system exceed the expectations of the consumers. It is really great to have so many great features at a reasonable price. Here are the features of this specific device:

  • It has an extremely comfortable handle enhancing its portability.
  • This plasma cutter makes the use of safe compressed air to penetrate stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy, and others.
  • Its Pilot arc touch is very effective in cutting through painted, rough, and highly rusty surfaces with minimum waste.
  • MOSFET Transistor generates a stable output, making it able to cut thin steels. It also has an ability to reach a higher power output in order to cut thick metals.
  • It uses an advanced cooling system known as PAPST.
  • It comes up with a plasma torch, air regulator, air hose, ground clamp and cable, and air hose connections.



With so many great features in an affordable price, it certainly has a higher amount of consumer surplus. Many people are satisfied with this plasma cutter, and it has the potential to satisfy you as well. A Lotos LTP8000 should not  only be suitable for a moderate use; it also has the capacity to cut thick metals, which makes this product even more desirable. So, this efficient plasma cutter can be categorized as an effective and affordable plasma cutting system.

Ramsond Cut 50DX

ramsond-cut-50dxA Ramsond Cut 50DX is one of the best selling and best small plasma cutter systems in the world. It is a 4th generation device. This device is highly portable as well, and it is a 50 Amp, dual frequency (50 and 60 HZ), inverter technology, dual voltage (110 and 220V), and a high frequency plasma cutter. Furthermore, it is also equipped with the Digital AMP display and also an integrated pressure gauge. This plasma cutting system is perfectly capable of precise and uniform cuts, as it is equipped with upgraded German manufactured cooling system, V-MOSFETs, and pulse width modulation. It can be used to cut a wide range of materials like steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other conductive metals with a minimal waste and heat input. This device because of its simplicity is perfectly suitable for amateurs, and also professionals.

User Reviews:

Rasmond Cut 50DX has been able to collect many good reviews, and it also has a substantial customer base. Many satisfied consumers have expressed their views about this product. The first thing to notice from their review is their satisfaction for a quick shipping time, as they have got this product just after four days of ordering the product. They are also happy because this plasma cutting system comes up with everything required to effectively operate the system. The users who have tried this plasma cutting system on thin steels have been able to achieve a clean and straight cut. Furthermore, they also have experienced that it is very quick in cutting the steels, making it a great performer. Those who have purchased and used this product feel that it provides the best value for the money paid to purchase this system.


Being a bestselling plasma cutting system, this system has some really great features. Let’s take a look at some of its major features:

  • It is a 50 Amp Air plasma cutting device with a digital inverter.
  • The voltage and frequency adjustment is automated with 110/220V for voltage, and 50/60Hz for frequency.
  • It displays the current (Amps) in a digitized form.
  • It also has an integrated digital display of pressure gauge.
  • Equipped with PAPST ( Advanced German Cooling System)
  • It has a maximum cut thickness and a severance thickness of ¾ and 1 respectively.
  • It consist of MOSFETs (Toshiba Transistors)
  • It has a 60% duty cycle.



As it is one of the best plasma cutting systems in the world, you don’t have to doubt about the quality and design of this product. The quality and performance of this system is outstanding, and it will best serve your purpose. Whether you are an amateur looking to solve a simple problem, or a professional looking to solve a complex problem, a Ramsond Cut 50DX will do the job for you. With many good reviews and top features, it is definitely one of the best plasma cutters for sale.

Hypertherm Powermax 45

powermax-45The Hypertherm Powermax45 plasma cutter is a small yet powerful plasma cutting system. It is one of the most versatile plasma cutting systems with 12mm plasma cutting capabilities with a gauging system included in it. This plasma cutting system is extremely light and also very small, which makes it portable to move it anywhere according to your needs. This product is not only effective, but it is also very simple to learn and use this system. Talking about the performance of this system, Hypertherm Powermax45 has an exceptional performance. It has patented consumable design, which delivers a superior cut and less edge preparation with its gouge quality. It is also very quick in cutting the material, as it cuts 188% faster than any oxyfuel device on ¼ mild steel.

User Reviews:

The user review of Hypertherm Powermax 45 is simply outstanding. The reviews and the satisfaction of the customers reflect the class of this plasma cutting system. Many users have expressed their satisfaction in terms of the quality of a Powermax 45, and they claim that it has the best duty cycle. Many of the consumers have also said that it is a very reliable system.

The users of this system tried cutting every type of steel found in their home, and it hasn’t yet disappointed them with its performance. The smoothness while cutting the steel has won the heart of its consumers. It is necessary to have some consumables, and the consumers feel that it has the cheapest yet qualitative consumables for using with this system. These are just some of the highlights of the user reviews.


Hypertherm Powermax45 has not got excellent reviews because of its mediocre features; it has been able to get some excellent reviews because of its great features. So, let’s have a look at some of its great features:

  • It is really small in size, and it is also lightweight, which makes it a highly mobile plasma cutting system.
  • It is a 12mm rated cutting system.
  • Its patented drag-cutting technology along with its operator-friendly design makes it extremely easy to operate, even for the amateurs.
  • Superior cut and gouge quality, it takes substantially less time on grinding and edge preparation.
  • It has a single phase voltage input with 200-240V and 34/28 Amp.
  • It allows both mechanized and handheld operations to its users with Fast Connect torch and CNC interface.
  • Its Power cool design cools down its internal components very effectively for enhancing uptime and improving system life.


It’s all about the major features of a Hypertherm Powermax45. These features allow the Hypertherm Powermax45 to perform well in each and every situation.


Powermax 45 is yet another quality plasma cutting system from Hypertherm to help you with your works. This high performing multitasking plasma cutting system can help you in cutting various types of metals with different size as per your need. Another great thing about this system is its portability, which allows you to fulfill any work at any time. So, you should definitely consider this advanced plasma cutting system from Hypertherm for purchase.