Ltp5000d Lotos igbt Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Review

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Just one of the familiar misunderstandings of men and women making use of the LTP5000D Lotos plasma cutter 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter would be that it is not able to provide you with the specific Infineon IGBT pilot arc procedure which several of its own opponents present. Lotos response to these types of critique stands out as the Lotos LTP5000D, a good device which retains a reasonable expense even while integrating the following advanced cutting edge pilot arc device in addition to characteristics such as MOSFET transistors, PAPST German soothing devices and quite a few extremely, fantastic slicing/severance depth. Curiously, Lotos enhanced prospect retains a endurable expense and pounds, of which this has directed quite a few for you to think about its all round effectiveness. This inquiry shall be examined exhaustive by having a precise assessment:

The actual outside associated utilizing the device, together would certainly anticipate, will be almost no distinct from that regarding the ltp5000d lotos igbt pilot arc plasma cutter, this also enables numerous to oversight the Lotos plasma cutter LTP5000D with the more aged device. In fact, such stands out as the likeness that regardless of establishing extra technologies, the excess weight and compactness within the device get scarcely altered while using difficult metal development content, ports as well as the control becoming critically the exact tough and reputable kinds that this LT5000D employed.

Your torch, apart from providing the ergonomic low-profile layout, incorporates a 9ft. 5in. lengthy hose-pipe which is particularly manufactured to appeal to the pilot arc procedure which is the robusto for this device. Additionally, the system incorporates a three-pin and link to provide for simple connection towards the primary component. In the same way, the floor clamp possesses a highest possible size of two inches. In conjunction with the 6 ft. 8 inches. size associated with the machine, causes it to be an adaptable complement towards the torch.

With accentuate in the direction of the clamp and torch, the bundle also carries with it an air pressure regulator and structure for installing the regulator on your wall. Incorporated together with merely a number of models, this regulator permits consumers to govern the particular pressurized air pressure in a fashion that the majority of others usually do not. Along with the existence of a wide selection of long lasting ports and switches,this really makes the product an incredible selection for individuals looking for a accurate cutting machine.

How It Works:

The USP belonging to the Lotos LTP5000D is unquestionably your Infeon ICGT Power Drive Matrix technology that operates soundlessly throughout the component to manufacture a potent pilot arc. A Siemens development, this modern technology in tandem together with the MOSFET transistors, permits consumers to trim down through moderate metal, stainless metal, iron, copper and aluminum without the need to generate any substantial improvements towards the configurations. The MOSFET transistors most importantly are equipped for maintaining a skinny but regular flow of plasma for slimmer metals along with an exceptionally potent but nevertheless steady flow for thicker plus much more challenging alloys.

Additionally, one of your respective advantages of utilizing a plasma cutter which includes a pilot arc would be that
the cutter can also work equally well even if your steel is rusty, hand crafted or otherwise corroded. Oddly enough, whilst accomplishing this the Lotos plasma cutter LTP5000D is not going to generate slag, therefore allowing consumers to manufacture merchandise belonging to the metal which happen to have the perception of previously being constructed from superior quality destruction free of charge steel pieces.

No matter what the variety and status of your respective materials used nonetheless, your component is efficient at accomplishing a suitable unvarying cut anytime thickness is ½ as well as a tolerable one at a optimum severance depth of 3/4”. The two of these can be better than the ones from your common non-pilot arc cutting units within the current marketplace.

Technical specs

Suitable materials Stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, and aluminum
Ideal material thickness 1/2 inches
Maximum material thickness 3/4 inches (dependent on application and material)
Power requirement 110 to 220V, 50/60 Hz
Input current 20A @ 110 to 220V
Output current 10 to 50A
Gas supply Clean, dry, oil-free air
Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressure 3.6 scfm at 65 psi
Duty cycle at 40-degrees C/104-degrees F 60% at 110V, 50A; 60% at 220V, 50A
Overall dimensions (including handle) 12 x 6 x 15 inches/304.8 x 152.4 x 381 mm (H x W x D)*
Weight 26 lb./11.8 kg


ltp5000d lotos igbt pilot arc plasma cutter Review Conclusion:

The ltp5000d lotos igbt pilot arc plasma cutter doesn’t just offer this innovative modern technology, yet integrates the many advantages of your respective dual voltage device, MOSFET transistors, and PAPST cooling dynamics to assist you to construct a great providing that conflicts the productiveness along with utility of machines significantly less affordable compared to themselves. In conjunction with the respectable manufacturer’s warranty as well as the simple fact in which outstanding style and ergonomic framework, these establish the particular system one of the many undeniably tremendous pilot arc machines within the following expense range.


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