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Revco Black Stallion Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket



Black Stallion Welding Jacket manufactured by Revco is a top quality one of the best welding jackets designed for heavy duty welding. You can get this jacket in various sizes according to your needs. This jacket is made up of high quality leather, and it is brown in color. This jacket is not only resistant to flame, but it is stylish at the same time. The weight of this jacket is roughly around 5 lbs, which is not quite heavy.

In case of the people who are involved in heavy duty welding, they are exposed to high level of heat and sparks. Because of the flame resistant feature of this welding apparel, it will prevent them from catching any burns to the upper body area. This jacket is designed for everyone, whether it is for the people who are involved in light duty or heavy duty jobs.

User Reviews:

The consumers of Revco Black Stallion Welding Jacket have very good experience with this jacket. The consumer feels that this jacket is very comfortable to wear. One of the consumers of this product had to work in 100+ temperatures, but still he did not have to experience any burns in the jacket. They feel it is good for anyone, and the quality of this jacket is very good. Many consumers are very happy to pay for this product because they feel they have got the value they wanted from the product.

Overall, it can be said that most of the consumers involved in various types of works have found this jacket very comfortable and protective. They have got exactly what they were looking for from this specific item.



This jacket has various features, which has made it possible to satisfy its consumers. The features of this jacket are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection to its users. Moreover, the manufacturer has added some feature to enhance its style too.

  • It is a side split jacket, making it stylish.
  • It is made up of high quality leather, and its measurement is 30 inches
  • It has a stand-up collar, which makes it adjustable. This feature ensures maximum protection.
  • It has a satin-lined shoulder design along with arms which allow for more convenience and functionality.
  • it has scribe followed up by inside pockets, pockets, waist take-up straps, and wrist snaps.
  • The flame-resistant Kevlar is stitched.

It comes up in brown color and is able to resist any sparks from welding. The high quality leather used in this jacket will not allow any damage, and it makes this jacket very reliable and durable too.


Revco Black Stallion meets all the requirements to be called as a top quality jacket. Moreover, its color and design makes it extremely attractive too.

It can resist high level of heat. Furthermore, you can wear this jacket in both light and heavy duty, or perhaps going out on a cold winter day. It is very comfortable to wear too, which makes you able to work for a longer period of time without much discomfort.

Revco BSX Flame Resistant Welding Coat



The BSX Flame-Resistant Jacket is a stylish jacket manufactured by Revco Industries. It provides you comfort, protection, and enhances your style too. This jacket is made up of high quality cotton. This 9oz cotton jacket offers its consumers with a high welded collar and extended length. Because of high welded collar and extended length, it provides the extra sparks protection while working.

Another nice thing about this jacket is its roomy quick-access pocket along with inside zippered pocket. It further increases its value and functionality. It also has adjustable cliff and waist straps in order to allow a customized fit.

User Reviews:

Many people have purchased this product, and most of them are immensely satisfied with this product. The people who have used this product feel that it has provided good value to them. In case of the price paid for the product, they feel that the price is extremely cheap and yet qualitative at the same time. In terms of the style, the users feel that it is extremely stylish, and they absolutely love its unique look.

Moving on the main feature of this product, the people who have purchased this product has found it burn and heat resistant. In addition to the protection and resistance to heat, the consumers have also found it very comfortable to wear.



This jacket is able to get some excellent reviews from its consumers not because of its cheap price, but because of its features. The consumer surplus is definitely high with this product because it provides much more value for its consumers, and i.e. value you get>price you pay.

  • This jacket is resistant to heat and flame.
  • It is made up of high quality cotton.
  • Because of its welder’s collar, it protects its consumers from the sparks while welding.
  • It has an extended length coverage, which means it provides extra protection to its consumers.
  • It comes up in a variety of colors, and this one is in black with red flames.
  • Its color combination and design make this jacket extremely stylish.
  • It is extremely suitable for light-welding, and it is very comfortable to wear at the same time.
  • This jacket has dual inside along with scribe pockets to provide additional functionality and value.
  • The adjustable cuff followed up with waist straps adds extra comfort to this jacket.


It is absolutely crucial to have the welding jacket that provides protection and comfort. With a BSX Flame Resistant Jacket, you will get both protection and style at the same time. The color combination of black with red flames makes this jacket look very stylish. Moreover, the adjustable cuff, waist straps, and scribe pockets add more value to the product.

The price you pay for this product is very low; however, the value you extract from this product is significantly higher. This makes the product desirable in the eyes of the users.

Miller Electric Welding Protective Clothing



This Miller Electric Jacket is simply stunning. This electric pigskin welding jacket is black in color, and it is made up of high quality pigskin leather. This jacket is stylish, comfortable, and it is suitable for both light duty and heavy duty. It is available in various sizes according to your needs. This jacket is designed perfectly for protecting you from sparks while welding. The design of this jacket is athletic, which makes it really attractive.

You won’t have any discomfort wearing this jacket while working. This jacket is also very mobile because of its expandable leather. It has a high flame resistant capacity, and the sparks will not burn through the jacket.

User Reviews:

The consumer who has purchased this jacket is satisfied with this welding jacket. There are not many reviews provided by the consumers of this jacket, however, the person with verified purchase has provided the review. The consumer has found this jacket very useful and comfortable. The jacket has protected the consumer’s skin, and it has prevented from any burns and sparks while working. It has not let the consumer down in any aspect.

The consumer is highly satisfied with this jacket, and recommends it for anyone who is involved in welding and doing it for a living. The consumer is getting the value for the price paid for the jacket.



This jacket contains features which enhance its style, comfort, and protectiveness. The materials used in this jacket are of premium quality, and it is durable and reliable. There are awesome features of this electric jacket, which makes this product really desirable.

  • This jacket is made up of premium pigskin leather. Because of this premium quality leather, it can resist sparks and spatters. Furthermore, it is very durable.
  • The leather of this jacket is expandable. This expandable leather is strategically placed to enhance the mobility of this jacket.
  • The inside cuff makes this jacket extremely resistant to flame.
  • Kelvar is used for entire sewing. The thread at each seam maintains the structural durability of the jacket.
  • This jacket includes corduroy collar and satin lining, and this feature makes this jacket extra fit, and makes it even more comfortable.
  • This jacket is tapered. The cut in this jacket is athletic, and because of athletic cut, it offers a great fit.


This specific Miller Electric item is suitable for anyone involved in heavy duty and light duty welding. The superior cut enhances the design of this jacket, which makes it really a go-to product. The materials used in this jacket along with the design of this jacket ensure protection from any sparks and spatters while welding. The thickness of this jacket will neither allow your skin, nor your shirt to burn. Furthermore, this jacket is flame resistant, which prevents this jacket safe from catching fire.

This jacket is quite unique because of its design and exclusive features. All the features of this jacket make this jacket a desirable product to purchase.

Caiman Boarhide Welders Coat



A Caiman Boarhide Jacket is an extremely high quality jacket made by Boar Hide. This jacket meets all the requirements to be regarded as a high quality welding jacket. This jacket will protect the welders from sparks and heat. This black color jacket can be found in medium and large size, and it is very comfortable to wear too. You can recommend this welding jacket for anyone who is involved in welding.

The style of this jacket is exclusive. The color of this jacket along with its design makes this jacket really attractive. This jacket is extremely light as well, which will enable you to work for a longer period of time without much discomfort.

User Reviews:

Plenty of people have purchased this product, and they are very happy with this item. Some of the people purchased it for themselves, and some purchased for their family member, who is involved in welding. The consumer feels that it is very comfortable, and it has huge room for upper body movement. One of the consumers even took weight of this jacket, and found it was exactly 3 pounds according to the consumer.

The users have found it very stylish, and some even wear it for casual purpose because of its amazing style. Because of its lightweight, the consumers have found it easy to wear and work. It has also been able to protect them from scratches, cuts, and burns due to its thickness.



This jacket comes up with many features to attract the audience. It has the combination of features which provides protection, comfort, and style.

  • It is made up of high quality garments. It is made of Boar Hide-pigskin leather, and it is garment-grade.
  • The weight of this jacket is 10-15% lighter than cowhide.
  • It has an extremely superior cut along with abrasion, and it has got high heat resistance.
  • This jacket is very cool to wear, and it is elastic too. This makes this jacket very comfortable. Because of these features, it offers great mobility.
  • The design of this jacket is exclusive, very attractive, and functional. The underarm and vented back ensures the jacket provides maximum comfort for the consumers.
  • Greater mobility is ensured by satin lines shoulders and sleeves.
  • It has a large pocket made up of leather.
  • The corduroy lined collar can be seen on this jacket for extra comfort.


This jacket is a stylish welding jacket suitable for all types of welders. It provides the welders with the required protection from sparks while welding, and they can also enhance their style wearing this jacket. The material used for manufacturing this jacket is simply top class. You don’t have to worry about its durability and quality. It also has additional features for increasing mobility, comfort, and flexibility.

Many consumers have purchased these jackets and are immensely satisfied with this jacket. This jacket can meet your requirements too, because of the exclusive features and style. This jacket is definitely a nice welding jacket to consider for purchase.

Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather



Many people are engaged in heavy welding activities. To fulfill their needs, Lincoln Electric has come up with heavy duty leather welding jacket. Lincoln Electric has the legacy of more than 100 years. It was founded in 1985, and it has been providing high quality products since then. This jacket comes up in brown color, and it is extremely protective any kind of heat and sparks you encounter while welding.

The design of this jacket is carefully developed to protect your arms and torso from any kind of welding spatter and heat. The leather used for making this jacket is flame and weather resistant. The quality of leather is top class, and it ensures protection and durability. The seams of this jacket are triple-needle stitched, providing resistance to fraying.

User Reviews:

The consumers of this jacket are well-satisfied with the performance of this jacket. The promises made by the manufacturers have been delivered to the consumers. The consumers found this jacket well-suited for the heavy duty. This jacket looks like it has done a whole lot of good to its consumers who are heavy welders. It has been able to protect them from on catching fire and burning.

The weight of this jacket is around 5 lbs, and it is not too heavy as well. The users feel that the money spent on this jacket is the money well spent. It is perfectly fitting the users, making this jacket, comfortable to wear. Many have found this jacket very durable, and they have admired the quality of this product.



The features of this brown leather jacket are simply amazing. It offers a great value to its users because of the wide range of features. You won’t regret the decision to purchase this jacket after taking a look at the features.

  • This jacket is perfectly designed to protect your arms and torso from sparks and heat while welding.
  • The leather used for manufacturing this jacket is of very high quality. It is flame-resistant, protective, and it is durable jacket.
  • The seams of this jacket are triple needle stitched for resistance to fraying.
  • It provides a well-needed protection to your neck with flip-up collar.
  • The front part of this jacket has lined flap with snaps. It gives extra protection to its consumers.
  • This brown colored leather jacket perfectly fits to its consumers, making it comfortable to wear.


The people who are involved in heavy duty need the correct product that will provide them protection from extreme heat. They need a jacket, which will not burn through the materials of the jacket. The brown welding leather jacket from Lincoln Electric is very reliable, and it has proven itself to many consumers. It will protect the welders from any kind of welding spatters and heat. The varieties of features in this jacket are added to this jacket for better protection, comfort, and functionality. Many are satisfied with this jacket, and it has got potential to satisfy you as well.