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Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutter Table 


Baileigh plasma table is not your normal 2-feet by 2-feet plasma cutter table. It is offers many features not found on the competition at a great price. First off, the PT-22 comes fully assembled, no need to spend hours building hoping to have the alignment correct. A water bath is also part of the package, not an upgrade. Another nice feature is that it comes with the material cross supports pre cut. Operation of the table itself only requires 110 volt power so it will work at almost any fabrication site throughout North America. It’s comes standard with two different types of torch holder, one for an automated style system and one that is configurable to any hand held torch on the market. Learn More…    




Baileigh PT-44 Plasma Cutter Table


Baileigh plasma table is an industrial grade 4-feet by 4-feet (working area) plasma cutting table. This quality cnc plasma cutting machine requires 220 volts of single phase power so it will work at almost any fabrication site throughout North America. The plasma cutting table comes standard with an easy to use design software package that allows the user to design or plot out a job on any computer and load the plasma table via data wire or simple USB stick. The plasma cutting table comes standard with a control podium and hand held pendant with simple jog controls for the X, Y, and Z as well as program start and stop controls. Learn More…




Baileigh PT-510HD CNC Plasma Cutter Tableorange-top-rated-1

Baileigh CNC plasma table is the perfect choice for any shop looking to cut 5-feet by 10-feet plates of steel. Constructed from square and rectangle boxed tubing the fully welded, prebuilt box frame, can easily handle the weights of loading the machine at maximum capacity of 1-inches thick 5-feet by 10-feet steel plate. The machine weighs in at an impressive 3520 pounds. Like all Baileigh CNC plasma tables it comes pre-built. All that is required is to run your torch and connect the wires, that is it. Learn More…



The table is utilized to introduce and work CNC plasma cutter table machines that are then controlled by programming. Being settled in one spot, it has certain focal points over the basic handheld or versatile plasma cutting machine:

It takes into account exact and exact cutting off the metal.

The CNC plasma cutter table can be balanced for stature.

They give the most advantage when utilized for redundant undertakings.

This CNC plasma cutter table has been intended to work with whatever plasma light

You have whether hand-held or an all out CNC Torch. The mounting plate has been intended to be versatile as could be expected under the circumstances. You can either connect the light with zip-ties or U Bolts relying upon how regularly you have to take it off.

Development of the plasma Cutter Table:

The normal little business CNC plasma cutter table has a cutting zone of size 4ft x 4ft. It can cut sheets the measure of 4ft x 8ft or 4ft x 10ft and metal pictures up to 20 feet long

It for the most part requires 3-ampere current to work. It weighs around 300 pounds and has measurements of around 64 crawls wide x 60 creeps profound x 90 crawls high. It offers a considerable measure of exactness for cutting metal sheets in a mixed bag of ways.

The Samson CNC cutter table can cut sheets of 10 ft x 5 ft in size and one creep thick. It can work with velocities up to 1000 inches every moment.

The CNC plasma Cutters Control System:

The CNC plasma cutters maker cutting tables will supply the product to run the framework as well. The product will permit you to control the framework completely. Utilizing it you will have capacities in cutting of metal that would have been inconceivable something else. This implies more business.

CNC plasma cutters can be designed to perform dreary undertakings through the product’s programming. You can utilize the cutting table to cut particularly and afterward spare the operation for later utilize. A while later, you can reload the operation and without needing to do the setup once more, simply reuse the most seasoned one. This outcome in time and exertion funds, while as yet creating high accuracy results.

Enhanced profitability and diminished expenses of creation with the utilization of plasma cutter table will bring about more benefits.

Selecting a CNC Plasma Cutter Table:

As a matter of first importance, the main thing to verify is that you’re getting a great machine. CNC plasma cutters are costly. Get your work done in advance and verify you’re getting the most astounding quality your financial plan will permit.

Materials: beware of the nature of materials utilized as a part of the development of the edge. Is it steel? Aluminum? Something else? Steel is more grounded than aluminum, obviously, so the steel machines will require less material and will be lighter, however, will resemble instability. Aluminum machines will be bulkier, yet will resemble quality. Machines made of either material will have all that anyone could need quality for even the greatest employments.

Design: You’ll need to keep an eye on the table’s nature outline. Such a variety of components can influence the table’s execution, and the scarcest variety in even the littlest element can adjust table execution. For instance, if the gantry (the enormous, overwhelming bar that slides here and there the table’s length) is too substantial, it makes the light hard to control with rapid and exactness. A lightweight gantry, then again, can create amazingly exact results at high speeds.

Software :The product that runs the hardware and plans the drawings is apparently the most critical segment of your plasma cutter table setup. The product performs two particular capacities: outlining the piece to be cut, and controlling the table and the plasma cutter.

Albeit top of the line outline programming like AutoCAD is ideal for making brilliant plans for a substantial number of utilizations, be cautious you’re not utilizing a heavy hammer to swat a fly. AutoCAD and so forth have fabricated in capacities to handle to a great degree complex prerequisites, and regularly those additional capacities can divert the client and repress the production of flawless cut-ways. A superior alternative is to search for programming particularly intended for making CNC plasma cutting drawings. This product is enhanced for making flawless cutaways, and can do as such rapidly and effortlessly.

Controlling the table and the CNC plasma cutters must be performed by the product that accompanied your table. The best programming will be made to expand the table’s attributes it’s running on. Make certain to search for programming made and enhanced particularly for your table. In a perfect world, the product running the table ought to be composed of the same organization that makes the table. This will assist you with keeping away from the very regular reaction.

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